What happens if I place an order on a hat that is out of stock?

EWECRM will attempt to fulfill your order efficiently, however it is possible that your order may not be fulfilled due to limited availability. Stock cannot always be guaranteed. If an order was placed on an item that is not in stock, we will contact you via email and a return will be issued to the original method of payment.

How do I know if my fitted hat will fit correctly?

NewEra fitted caps run true to size, however EWECRM strongly recommends you check your hat size prior to ordering.

Snapbacks, whether they are from NewEra or Mitchell & Ness are designed to fit most head sizes, but not all.

What do the fitted hat sizes mean?

According to NewEra, hat sizes convert into the following measurements in centimeters (cm):

  • 6 78 equals 54.9cm
  • 7 equals 55.8cm
  • 7 18 equals 56.8cm
  • 7 14 equals 57.7cm
  • 7 38 equals 58.7cm
  • 7 12 equals 59.6cm
  • 7 58 equals 60.6cm
  • 7 34 equals 61.5cm
  • 7 78 equals 62.5cm
  • 8 equals 63.5cm

How do I know what hat size I need?

EWECRM strongly recommends you check your hat size prior to ordering. However, if you have a tape measure you can measure your head size. But please keep in mind that EWECRM cannot guarantee homemade measurements will be accurate.

Place a tape measure completely circling your head, measuring exactly where the hat will rest on your head. This usually means the tape measure will go across your forehead, 1/8" above your eyebrows and ears in a straight line. The tape measure will need to be held firmly but not too tight.

Again, this method is not recommended. The preferred method is to try on other NewEra branded fitted hats to know exactly what size you need. Please also keep in mind that different brands of fitted hats will vary in size as well.

Where will my hats be shipped?

All shipments will only be sent to billing addresses.

Are the colors of the hats pictured accurate?

EWECRM makes every effort to display the true colors of our custom hats. Keep in mind that the color displayed will vary depending on your monitor, and therefore we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display will accurately display the colors.

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel an order, please email us immediately at [email protected].

However, if the order has entered the shipping process there is very little that can be done to cancel an order once it leaves our warehouse.

How can I track my order?

A tracking number will be provided along with a confirmation email once your order has shipped.

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